With 30 programmable buttons, the ESI H DFP 48 Key phone has a wide range of compatibility with many ESI Phone Systems. 

The 48 Key phone features a large LCD screen for caller ID and easy menu navigation. In addition, the phone features an easy access voice mail button, a hold button, and speakerphone capabilities. This phone requires no power supply as it draws power through the line from the phone system. Each phone has a built-in ESi-DEX phone book which allows you to store contacts for quick access.

The ESI H 48 Key DFP phone also comes with an optional TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) interface. The TAPI model allows a nearby Windows PC to use telephony applications.

ESI 48 Key Digital Phone

SKU: 364215376135191
    • 30 Programmable Buttons
    • LED Status Indicators
    • LCD Screen Supports Caller ID
    • Speakerphone (Half-Duplex)
    • Phone Book
    • Compatibility:
      • Gen E Class
      • Gen S Class
      • Gen X Class
      • 50 Communications Server
      • 100 Communications Server
      • 200 Communications Server
      • 600 Communications Server
      • 1000 Communications Server


    • ESI H DFP 48 Key Digital Feature Phone
    • Base
    • Handset
    • New Line Cord
    • New Handset Cord
    • New Paper Designation Strip and Plastic Overlay

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